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Redevelopment Status – I

as of: 17 October 2020

The following is, I hope, an accurate assessment of where we are with development of the new web site. There are two sections. The first, reading from left to right along the menu bar (which is based upon your earlier spreadsheet), deals with the status of individual pages. The second discusses more overall structural issues. Neither section is necessarily exhaustive; there may be other issues that need to be addressed. Comments and additional issues welcome.

  1. Home Page
    1.1. Done. [UPDATED: 14 September]
    1.2. FAQ: done. [UPDATED: 5 October]
    1.3. Latest news /What’s New page / individual posts page: done [UPDATED: 26 August]
  1. Gardens:
    2.1. Members Gardens: done (including organising sidebar by département – but see Section 2, paragraph 6 below (this applies to all sections marked ‘done’). [UPDATED: 27 July]
    2.2. Garden Diaries: done. The two entries for Kate and Imogen’s place have been combined. There is a neat way to copy material from one page to another which needs to be documented. The sidebar has been amended to make it clear where the gardens are and which ones are visitable. [UPDATED: 18 August]
    2.3. Gardens to Visit: done. [UPDATED: 5 September]
  2. Gardening:
    3.1. Articles: done.
    3.2. Gardening for Wildlife: done. This is an external link to the original content with the existing menu at the top of the page removed. [UPDATED 17 October 2020].
    3.3. Recommended Designers: done. The original spreadsheet page has now been converted à la plant lists, including maintenance thereof (see 2.3.2. above).
  1. Plants:
    4.1. Plant articles: done.
    4.2. Plant lists: done. [UPDATED: 5 October]
    4.3. Seed Exchange: done. [UPDATED: 8 August]
    4.4. Recommended Pepinièristes: done – see 3.3. above.
    4.5. List maintenance: Originally this was going to be just for the plant lists but it has been expanded to include all pages that used to be generated from spreadsheets. As a result, it needs some tidying up and the accompanying instruction page updated. Access to this page has been removed from the main menu and can now be found in the Dashboard in the List Generation tab. [UPDATED: 5 October]
  1. Activities:
    5.1. Menu: done. [UPDATED: 9 September]
    5.2. Forthcoming Events (France): done. The events currently displayed are not real and need to be removed before the site goes live. [UPDATED: 21 August 2020]
    5.3. Activity Reports (France): done. [UPDATED 22 September]
    5.4. Forthcoming Events (International): done. Now combined with Forthcoming Events (France) so as to oblige people to see MGF’s events first. [UPDATED 21 August]
    5.5. Activity Reports (International): done. [UPDATED: 23 August]
    5.6. Newsletters: done. [UPDATED: 19 September]
  1. Books:
    6.1. MGF Library: done. [UPDATED: 11 August]
    6.2. Recommended Books: done. The sidebar has been updated to include plants and gardens. [UPDATED: 18 August]
    6.3. Book Reviews: done. Now links to MGi site. [UPDATED: 9 September]
    6.4. Book Reviews: Book reviews are now held on the MGi site so these pages are redundant. However, they should be kept in case we ever need to put them on the MGF site in the future. [UPDATED: 9 September]
  1. About Us: This item is now redundant and the slot could be used for something else.
    7.1. Our Aims and Partner Organisations: transferred to home page. [UPDATED 9 September]
    7.2. The Team: transferred to home page. [UPDATED 9 September]
    7.3. Statutes and byelaws: transferred to home page. [UPDATED 14 September]
    7.4. GDPR Policy: transferred to home page. [UPDATED 14 September]
    7.5. Contact Us: transferred to sub-menu below the main menu and also in the footer. [UPDATED: 17 October]
  1. Members / Log out:
    8.1. MEMBERS: Until the member app can be re-developed and integrated within the new site, this item points to the existing site. In due course, the top of the pages on the existing site will have to be changed to something more appropriate.
    8.2. Log out: This item is only there to provide access to the dashboard for administrators. Ultimately, it will be included in the re-written member app so as to allow all members to log into the site (but not the dashboard). In the meantime, it should be hidden from the ordinary user (see 4.5. above). [UPDATED: 26 July]

Section 2: Structural Issues

  1. General appearance:
    1.1. Background colour: the basic requirement is for the site to look light and airy. We have decided to have a two-tone solution: grey with a hint of green for the principal content of the page with slighty more green for the surrounding template (masthead, sidebar, etc.). There is currently no agreement as to the exact shades to use. The MC should be asked to decide. [UPDATED: 17 October]
    1.2. Menu bar: the background has been toned down to be coordinated with the background colour and the colour of the text darkened to compensate for the lightening of the background. The ‘stand-out’ items (search, join, etc. ) are now in a sub-menu below the main one. The ‘About Us’ item is now redundant and the slot could be used for something else.
    1.3. Page structure: the underlying structure of the pages (header, content area, footer, sidebars) needs some adjustment to ensure that all the content is properly laid out in all cases. Done. [UPDATED: 17 October]
    1.4. Footer: although we have not yet set up the MGF Facebook page, I have left the social media section so that we can see where it will be once the page is operational. It would be useful if the Facebook page could be launched at the same time as the new site. On each side of the social media section are the French and English versions of the legalese required by French law. The only other content in the footer is the ‘Go to top of page’ link which, even though part of the footer, has the same background colour as the main content so that it looks as if it is part of the content area above. [UPDATED: 17 October 2020]
  1. Sidebars: No further action required.
    2.1. Purpose: sidebars are to enhance information flow. It makes sense to use them where there are a set of pages with a common theme (e.g. gardening articles or plant lists) with the sidebar providing the links to the other items in the set. Menu items to be in alphabetical order where possible. Latin plant names in titles to be italicised. [UPDATED: 26 July]
    2.2. Templates: for ease of maintenance, each set of articles (plant lists, etc.) has its own template which calls the appropriate sidebar. Pages without sidebars use the ‘Centred Content’ template which provides a small margin on each side of the page to ensure that the content remains within readability guidelines.
    2.3. Content: the principal content of a sidebar is the menu which links to the other items of the set. There is also explanatory text which needs to be reviewed and adjusted where necessary.
    2.4. Appearance: sidebars can have their own appearance (e.g. bordered, different background colour, etc.) but my feeling is that they are best using the same colour as the main content area. That said, there is a need to differentiate more between the main text and the sidebar in some cases. [UPDATED: 5 October]
  1. Search: done. The WordPress basic search feature has been replaced by the Relevanssi plugin. This adds some enhancements to the basic search: a) for each hit, the results page shows: the title, an excerpt and some statistics; if the search term appears in either the title or the excerpt, it will be highlighted. Occurences of the search term are also highlighted on the page itself when opened from the search results page (except if the term is in the page title). These enhancements provide an acceptable search feature and we do not need to seek any additional functionality (at least for the time being). [UPDATED: 17 October]
  1. Translate: done – there is a banner (above the page) on which the user can select the target language for the translation. Additional remarks. This feature uses the Google translation widget. There are a number of question marks about the continued availability of the widget. Google no longer supports it as they consider that the future lies in browsers themselves being able to offer translation. There are also commercial reasons. The widget is free but the quality of translation is not the best. Google would rather people paid for the higher quality product that they offer. My view is that translation is not an essential feature of the site (i.e. the site can function properly without it). This being so, it should not be paid for (see Section 1, paragraph 2.3.3.)). [UPDATED: 31 July]
  1. French: done. Roland Leclercq has reviewed each page of the site to ensure that the text surrounding the content of a page is properly bi-lingual. [UPDATED: 17 October]
  1. Overall layout: each page of the site needs to be reviewed to ensure consistency of layout and to correct any misalignments due to changes of template etc. The links will need to be checked: most have been copied across from the old website, so I assume they will link to this, rather than to the new site. Other links are new but should be checked. Basically done but a final line-by-line check of the whole site is needed. [UPDATED: 17 October]
  2. PDF: I have added a plugin that creates a Gutenberg block called PDF Viewer. Select the block and embed the PDF just as if it was an image. [UPDATED: 18 August]
  3. Decorative bands: Some of the more sober-looking pages would be enhanced by the addition of one of Anthony’s bands. [UPDATED: 23 August]

27 comments on “Redevelopment Status – I”

Posted by Ian Davis on 8th October 2020 at 2:52 pm:

Updated Section 2 paragraph 3 (Search) to reflect major enhancement to search feature.

Posted by Ian Davis on 5th October 2020 at 12:49 pm:

I have made a number of updates to the page. In addition, here are my replies to your latest comments

1. Home page.

‘Join’ now in sub-menu below main one as well as being a tab on the home page

‘Latest News’ is the most recent posts. You can update this yourself by creating new ones and putting them in the ‘What’s New’ category. The process is the same as for new pages.

Seed list link: do this yourself by editing the post in question.

Comments. If we are to improve communications with members, we should have this feature where appropriate. Having them on the Latest News posts is just an example to be shown to the MC.

The side bar shows the latest posts. The actual number (currently five) can be set to what we want. ‘All posts’ is what it says: all posts.

2.3.4.Gardens, Gardening and Plants look good to me. The new Grasses Part 2 article in the Plant section needs to be added to the side menu.

Part 2 article added to the menu

Newsletters – July and September 2020 to be added

You can do this by updating the newsletter page.

7.About Us – Contacts page is unfinished.

This menu item is redundant and the slot can be used for something else.

Section 2
1. Appearance
I find the background colour a bit too green. Is there a way I could safely experiment with different options?

If you look in at a gardening article, you will see that I have reduced the green component in the main section. The sidebar retains the old setting so that you can see the difference. It cannot really be reduced anymore without reverting to grey – which would be seriously boring.

3. The Search facility is much improved, however it does bring up oddities eg Gardens of the Vaucluse brings up lots of relevant pages, plus Gardens of South Africa.

The reason why it hits Gardens of South Africa is because the page contains ‘Vaucluse’ (Masiphumelele Township tab).

The text below the page link is often repetitive and meaningless in this context, eg click on images to enlarge them, plants available from seed collection. Could these general statements be supressed? Or dispense with the text and just leave the page titles.

Can’t suppress part of the text but could do away with all of it.

5. French – perhaps Roland could do this?

Yes. I think we are close enough to the end to ask him to do this now. I’ll tell him that it’s just the ‘structural text’ that needs checking – not the articles themselves.

6. Links all checked and as far as I can see all OK

By chance I found a wrong’un the other day (which I have corrected). Solely on the basis of two heads being better than one, I’ll have a trawl through myself.

8. I will have a look for ‘sober’ pages. We have a several decorative bands in the files.

When I do my trawl for wrong links, I’ll make a note of pages that I think might be improved with a bit of colour.

Posted by Christine Daniels on 22nd September 2020 at 6:28 pm:

You asked for comments.
1. Home page. Layout looks good. How to join should be more visible, either a different colour tab, or preferably duplicated on the main menu bar.
The side bar needs updating to reflect actual ‘Latest News’ ie most recent articles and reports (see list sent to Ian by email 22.09.20). The new seed list should be there, but the link needs to be changed to the new site.
Some of the links go to a page with a leave a reply box. Are we going to include this? If so replies will need to be monitored by someone.
See all posts replicates the information in the side bar. Do we need this?

2.3.4.Gardens, Gardening and Plants look good to me. The new Grasses Part 2 article in the Plant section needs to be added to the side menu.
5. Activities – as you note, this needs to be updated with real Forthcoming Events
Newsletters – July and September 2020 to be added
6.Books – all good
7.About Us – Contacts page is unfinished.
Section 2
1. Appearance
I find the background colour a bit too green. Is there a way I could safely experiment with different options?
Good idea to repeat Contact and How to Join in the bottom bar.
3. The Search facility is much improved, however it does bring up oddities eg Gardens of the Vaucluse brings up lots of relevant pages, plus Gardens of South Africa.
The text below the page link is often repetitive and meaningless in this context, eg click on images to enlarge them, plants available from seed collection. Could these general statements be supressed? Or dispense with the text and just leave the page titles.
4. Translate – works well
5. French -perhaps Roland could do this?
6. Links all checked and as far as I can see all OK
7. PDF plug-in I tried this and it worked well.
8. I will have a look for ‘sober’ pages. We have a several decorative bands in the files.

Posted by Ian Davis on 14th September 2020 at 12:55 pm:

Updated Section 1, paragraphs 1 and 7 to reflect completion of the home page.

Posted by Ian Davis on 12th September 2020 at 2:39 pm:


Section 1, paragraph 5.3: Problem with layout of Past Activities
Section 2, paragraph 3: implementation of search facility

Posted by Ian Davis on 5th September 2020 at 1:10 pm:

Updated Section 1 paragraph 2.3 (Garden Visits) – now complete.

Posted by Kevan Kristjanson on 31st August 2020 at 8:25 pm:

Added comment to 6.4 Books/Book Reviews.
Could NOT figure out how to get the editor to give me a new list sub-number so had to revert to HTML arggh!

Posted by Ian Davis on 26th August 2020 at 1:05 pm:

Updates for 26 August:

Section 1, paragraph 1.1. : proposal for new design of home page.
Section 1, paragraph 1.3. : latest news pages sorted.
Section 7: rewritten.

Posted by Christine Daniels on 22nd August 2020 at 5:33 pm:

FAQs is done but links to pages on the new site need to be added when the pages are ready.

Posted by Christine Daniels on 22nd August 2020 at 5:05 pm:

2014 Visit by MGMR is done and the link has been put in on the Past activities page. Also links done to the two Past Activities (2010 and 2011) which had been split.

Posted by Ian on 21st August 2020 at 12:06 pm:


Section 1, paragraph 5.2. (Forthcoming Events (France))
Section 1, paragraph 5.4. (Forthcoming Events (International))
Section 1, paragraph 5.5. (International Activity Reports)
Section 1, paragraph 6.3. (Book Reviews)

Posted by Ian on 19th August 2020 at 1:53 pm:

Re: Christine’s comments (19 Aug 10:31)

Map: looks like you’ve got an older version of the visits page cached in your browser as the space below the map is there on my machine in Firefox, Chrome and Edge.

Garden visits sidebar: there is a garden visits sidebar. The script which creates the page was calling the wrong template. Fixed.

The Past Activities page is a normal page – you can change it yourself – and add the two split ones as well (see section 1, paragraph 5.3.).

Book review: looks OK to me.

Posted by Christine Daniels on 19th August 2020 at 10:31 am:

Comments on Ian’s changes 18 August:
Gardens to visit map look good. Needs a small space below it as well as above. Side bar on this page would be better as members gardens, as more relevant to people looking for gardens.

Header page for past activities – could you change MGAP to MGA Portugal in the two entries, similarly with MGMR Australia, to give new people a feel of the countries we partner with.

My book review page currently not displaying properly – otherwise all good.

Posted by Ian on 18th August 2020 at 11:47 am:

I have made a number of changes based on Christine’s two comments here and her email of 17 August 19:21. Updates to this page as follows:

Section 1

2.2. (Garden Diaries)
2.3.3. (Gardens to Visit)
5.3. Activity Reports
6.2. Recommended Books
6.3. Book Reviews

Section 2

Added new paragraph 7 (handling of PDFs).

Posted by Christine Daniels on 16th August 2020 at 4:35 pm:

5.3. Activity Reports (France): The header page has been created. Organised as follows: Current year France (actually 2019), International activities, Previous years France. Needs a link to the forthcoming events page.

I like the layout of the header page. Could the three sub-headings be in a larger font so they stand out more? And could we list and add links to the international meeting reports on the MGi site (Portugal 2016 and 2019 and Spain 2018) ?

6.2. Recommended Books: basically done – see 3.3. There is the question of which sidebar to use (or none).

The Recommendations sidebar works well here as a prompt that there are other lists of recommended items/places recommended by members. We could add ‘plants’ and ‘gardens to visit’ to the list.

6.3. Book Reviews: basically done – see 3.3. There is the question of which sidebar to use (or none).

I don’t think the sidebar works here as the books reviewed are not necessarily recommended. We could leave the sidebar empty or centre the text on the page.

5.2. Forthcoming Events (France): in essence, this page is a list of elements (events) with a fixed structure (title, date, location, contact, etc.). For ease of update, this page has been created as a ‘spreadsheet page’ to be updated in the same way as the other list pages. An initial version of this is now online.

Good idea to have a spreadsheet to update. The page I can see is still too unfinished to have a view on its layout. As there is almost always a photograph in the newsletter to illustrate the Forthcoming Activity, could there be a place for this in the spreadsheet? ( See MPG Forthcoming Activities page, which has a photo on the left of each entry.)

Posted by Christine Daniels on 16th August 2020 at 4:02 pm:

2.2 Garden Diaries: done. As for members’ gardens, group garden diaries under département headings. On reflection, grouping the diaries by département is not a good idea. Apart from three of them (which are in Members’ Gardens anyway), they are not visitable and some of them aren’t even diaries. Is the anonymous blogger of ‘Des pierres sèches’ still a member? [UPDATED: 27 July]

All the gardens are visitable except Roussillon, where Marjorie no longer lives, the blog garden and the temporary festival garden. Le Jardin Champetre is listed twice. A dry shade garden in C-M (which is Le Jardin Champetre)could become the first tab of two entries in Le Jardin Champetre – dated Summer 2015. Is there an easy way to do this?

I believe it would be useful to highlight where the visitable gardens are situated.

I think all the entries can be categorised as diaries, as in they log experiences of creating a garden over time – it’s just that some of them, like Roussillon and Le Jardin qui chante, have the entire ‘diary’ in a single article.

The blogger is Francoise de la Porte who is still a member. She is the owner of a private garden we visited which is featured in May 2014 Past Activities. She didn’t want her name published but offered the link to her blog. The blog is interesting, up-to-date and in French, so I think we should keep it.

Posted by Ian on 11th August 2020 at 4:09 pm:

Updated Section 1,paragraph 5.2 (Forthcoming Events). Also, Section 1, paragraph 6 (Books).

Posted by Ian on 8th August 2020 at 12:14 pm:

Updated Section 1, paragraphs 6.2. and 6.3. (Books).

Posted by Ian on 1st August 2020 at 6:20 pm:

Section 1, paragraphs 5.3. and 5.5. updated (Activity reports).

Posted by Ian on 27th July 2020 at 1:03 pm:

Updated Section 1, paragraphs 2.1., 2.2. and 6.1.

Posted by Ian on 26th July 2020 at 1:40 pm:

Where appropriate, I have added your comments into the main text as part of the ‘things still to do’. Below are the answers to to questions in your three sets of comments and also my comments on your comments.

Comments 1:

FAQ: Most sites have a FAQ and it’s a very useful feature, not least because everybody recognises the acronym (which works in both languages). It puts in one place all the information that people might want to know about MGF when first encountering it. Imagine that you are talking to a stranger at, say, a plant fair where we have a stand. ‘Who are you?’ ‘Who can be a member?’ ‘Do you have to be live in France?’ ‘What do you do?’ ‘How much to join?’ ‘Are you part of the MGS?’ Now a lot of this is available on elsewhere on the site but there’s no harm in having it in more than one place. The answers should be short and where appropriate link to other parts of the site. Apart from the stuff about MGF there could also be some answers to basic gardening questions: ‘What is Med. Gardening?’ ‘What plants should I be choosing?’

Individual posts page: The page that is displayed when you click on a blog item (‘What’s New?’) on the home page sidebar and which displays the whole of the item in question. Right now it’s a mess.

Comments 2:

Map of gardens to visit: Apart from the cost, the problem with a lot of plugins is that you get a lot of stuff you don’t want and you have to do everything their way. There’s no point in paying money not to get want we want. Also, although the map is important to the gardens to visit page, it’s not, I’m afraid, that important to the site as a whole and I could not justify spending money on it.

Activity reports: The Provence reports are a bit telegraphic but there I don’t think it would take more than a couple of hours to do them all. Not high priority but I am inclined to include them – of only as a reminder of where we have been in the past and, in some cases, might like to go to again.

Julie Kinney’s article: put it with the other articles that members and others have written about gardens they have visited in France.

Positioning of international visit reports: I stick with my original comment about these reports needing to be shown as an integral part of MGF activities. However, as the page has not yet been developed, there may be a way of reconciling our different points of view.

Comments 3:

Book reviews: As they are fairly simple I suggested to Kevan that he might like to have a go at them but I don’t know when he’s going to have the time to do them.

Our Aims and Partner Organisations: if we bin the sidebar there might room for both versions (which is preferable) but otherwise it will have to be separate pages.

Contact Us: I understand that the general Contact item needs to be prominent but I would be loathe to ‘waste’ a menu slot on it. A discuter.

Plant lists sidebar: I agree that the text is too long. I put it there so that it wouldn’t get forgotten but we need to find another solution. Putting it at the top of the page is probably not a good option as some of the lists already have a lot of text (e.g Piboules Trail). Can the text be reduced? A discuter.

Sidebar/Main text: I’ve tried to keep the sidebar width to a minimum so as to allow as much space as possible for the main text. There are a number of ways we could differentiate between the main text and the sidebar; we’ll just have to experiment.

Search: Search functions are be as simple or as complicated as you like. Take a look at Google advanced search []. What about wildcards (e.g. Ch* gets Christopher as well as Christine)? How should the results be displayed?

Translate: Are you looking in the right place? The paragraph on translation has been updated. In the not too distant future, the MC is going to have to approve the whole site – not just the logo. At that point, the Francophone members can make a call about the quality of the translation.

Getting us this far: If you think about it, we’ve managed to convert the majority of seven years work on the old site in seven months.

Posted by Christine Daniels on 25th July 2020 at 5:15 pm:

6.3. Book Reviews:the individual review pages have to be converted in the usual way from the MGi site.
Shall I add this to my job list?

7.1. Our Aims and Partner Organisations
I assume there will be a separate page for the French text, as now?
I think Programme of Events and membership need to be two separate headings, rather than linked.

7.5. Contact Us:
Our Contacts page is more of a who’s who of the team. The main Contact Us button needs to be really clear and easy to spot. I’d put it at the right hand end of the main menu bar.

8.2. Log out:
If this is only for use by administrators I agree that it needs to be hidden from the ordinary user.

Section 2
1.1. Background colour:
Happy to leave this till last. Expertise in the use of colour on website is a specialist subject. Both Nina and I have training in garden design, as have some other members, but I don’t think it necessarily translates to website design. I would favour finding a good garden/plant website, with the light and airy feel we are aiming for, and copy the colours they use. In general, I think background colours should be pretty neutral.

1.2. Menu bar:
Having said all that, I think the olive green we now have as a background colour on the menu bar is a great improvement on the previous dark blue, and enables us to use easier to read black text rather than white.

1.4. Footer:
Many sites use the footer area as a place for association identification, legalese, and repetition of contact information. We should do the same.

I agree, as long as it doesn’t get too complicated.

2. Sidebars:
2.1. Purpose:
I see what you are getting at here, but think some pages work better than others. In the Plant Articles sidebar, the opening paragraph is short, so it is immediately clear that here is a list of Plant Articles. We need to take care with the titles so they are in alphabetical order of plant name wherever possible, eg Iris’Jane Phillips’ should be named as such so it can be under ‘i’ rather than ‘a’. We should also use botanical Latin format for the text in the lists.

The Gardening articles list works well because it has sub-headings.

The Plant Lists side bar starts with a lot of text, in two languages. You have to scroll down a long way to find the list. So it might be better to have the opening text at the top, English and French side by side, as now.

2.4. Appearance:
I think the page looks too crowded where there is a full sidebar next to a busy article. Could we leave a slightly wider space between the article and the sidebar so each is better defined?

You’ve done this partly by using the smaller font in the sidebar but I worry that this font will be a bit small for some members and if you Zoom to 125% it’s difficult to get the whole page on the screen at once.

3. Search:
it would be useful to have a list of the features that we would like.
Happy to provide this, but not sure what you need to know. I want to be able to type in a plant name, or a garden name, and produce a list of the places where that plant or garden is mentioned on the website.

4. Translate:
I thought we had agreed that basic Google translate was adequate?
I couldn’t find anything to click above the MGF logo (we still need to get committee approval to use a modified logo on the website).
As so much of our content is in English only, and we are trying to attract French members, I think the translate facility is very important.

6. Overall layout:
Yes indeed. This will be quite a job…

Huge thanks for getting us this far. I had no idea what a huge undertaking it was going to be when you showed us the prototype in Aix in February.

Posted by Ian on 25th July 2020 at 10:24 am:

Updated Section 1, paragraph 3.2. (Gardening for Wildlife) to reflect decision to leave this as an external link.

Updated Section 1, paragraph 4.2. (Plant lists).

Posted by Christine Daniels on 24th July 2020 at 7:11 pm:

Just spent 50 minutes putting text here and it has disappeared….
So, here we go again.
2.3.3. The map of French gardens
I think this is important as it helps people find a garden near where they happen to be. If the paid for plug in is not too expensive I think it would be money well spent.

3.2. Gardening for Wildlife:
I agree that it is fine to keep this as an external link.

4.3. Seed Exchange
I have uploaded the July 2020 images and regenerated the page

5.3. Activity Reports (France):
Provence Activities for 2009, 2012 and 2013 are just slightly amplified lists of visits, so not interesting for today’s readers. However 2013 activities: Drôme, Pyrenées-Orientales, Côte varoise need to be done. Kevan is having a go at September 2013 – A day with Dominique Lafourcade.

The header page for this section (i.e. menu) needs to be done
Difficult to envisage what you plan until I see it, but agree that all Forthcoming activities (both those organised by MGF and those by partner associations) could be on the same page. This would probably be a better way of defining them, as sometimes MGF organises an activity outside France.

5.5. Activity Reports (International):
Julie Kinney’s article is an odd man out, not sure where to put this.

I think it’s important to highlight the worldwide garden travel opportunities offered by membership of MGF so as I indicated in an earlier email I’d group these geographically, listing them by continent, and keep them separate from the French visits.

Need to stop now – to be continued.

Posted by Ian on 24th July 2020 at 11:51 am:

Incorporated Christine’s 24 July 10:41 comments on members’ gardens and garden diaries into the text.
Updated status of plant lists.

Posted by Christine Daniels on 24th July 2020 at 10:41 am:

1. Home page:
1.1. New text to be inserted.
I wrote a new text for the Home page some time ago – I think you then said you had improved it a bit.
1.2. FAQ to be written.
Not sure what’s needed here. When people write with questions I direct them to our website which has answers to most garden related queries.
1.3. Latest news needs sorting out – as do the What’s New page and the individual posts page.
What is the individual posts page?

2. Gardens:
2.1. Members Gardens: done – but see Section 2, paragraph 6 below (this applies to all sections marked ‘done’).
General comment about all sections marked ‘done’: The links will need to be checked. Most have been copied across from the old website, so I assume they will link to this, rather than to the new site. Other links are new but should be checked.
Members’ Gardens –
It would be more user friendly if the list in the sidebar could be grouped according to geographical location (département). People tend to ask “Are there any gardens to visit near…)
2.2. Garden Diaries: done.
Same comment as above – group garden diaries under département headings

Posted by Ian on 23rd July 2020 at 12:24 pm:

Section 2, paragraph 4 (Translate) updated.

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