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February 2012 – A talk on salvias by Frédéric Prévot

At the Jardin de la Gare restaurant in Vers, Frédéric Prévot, owner of the specialist nursery, Les Senteurs du Quercy, gave an illustrated talk on salvias suitable for Mediterranean gardens. He had recently returned from a trip to Turkey with his partner, Mélie Portal, and showed us wonderful photographs of salvias growing in the wild. From Turkey he had brought back propagation material from several species which are not so far available in France which he hopes to add to his on-line catalogue.

After the talk and questions, we had lunch in the restaurant, then went outside to look at the range of plants laid out there. Though too soon to plant in the currently frozen ground, many members were inspired by the talk and tempted to buy, especially some of the more unusual species which are difficult to find.

There is a summary of his talk in the plant articles section.