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Plants with Fragrant Flowers

Perfumed roses are noted in the Roses list

Seeds for many of these plants are available from the MGF Seed Collection / Beaucoup de graines de ces plantes sont disponibles dans la Collection de graines de MGF
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Akebia quinata
Twining climber
Vanilla scented flowers followed by sausage-shaped purple fruits.
Bignonia capreolata
Evergreen, tendril climber.
Red/orange flowers with coffee fragrance.
Clematis armandii
Eary-flowering evergreen clematis.
Holboellia coriacea
Small ceam/mauve male and female flowers, purple fruits.
Jasminum azoricum
An evergreen twining vine.
Lemon-scented flowers. Long flowering period.
Jasminum officinale
Scented white flowers in summer.
Jasminum polyanthum
Evergreen twining climber.
Fragrant pink/white flowers open from pink buds.
Lonicera etrusca
A deciduous climbing honeysuckle.
Fragrant pink to yellow flowers.
Mandevilla laxa
Twining climber.
Trachelospermum asiaticum
Evergreen, twining climber.
Fragrant buff-centred, creamy flowers.
Trachelospermum jasminoides
Evergreen, twining climber.
Highly scented white flowers in summer.
Wisteria sinensis
Vigorous climber.
Small pea-like, highly scented, mauve or white flowers in spring.
Cyclamen confusum
Autumn flowering.
Cyclamen hederifolium var. crassifolium
Vigorous and strongly scented. Autumn flowering.
Muscari macrocarpum
Strongly scented. Spring flowering
Narcissus ‘Paperwhite Grandiflora‘
Winter flowering bulb with heavy fragrance.
Narcissus papyraceus
Highly perfumed flowers in early spring.
Narcissus poeticus var. recurvus
Sweetly-scented flowers in late spring.
Naturalises well in grass.
Aponogeton distachyos
Aquatic perennial.
White flowers have vanilla fragrance.
Dianthus ‘Mrs Sinkins‘
Strongly scented when close to the flower. Good as a cut flower.
Hemerocallis ‘Judge Orr ‘
Drought tolerant. Short-lived golden yellow flowers.
Hemerocallis ‘Stella d‘Oro‘
A compact day lily with short-lived yellow flowers in mid-summer.
Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus
Spreading rhizomatous perennial with fragrant, pale yellow flowers.
Mirabilis jalapa
Trumpet-shaped, many-coloured flowers.
Petasites fragrans
Perfumed pinkish flowers in late winter.
Spreading, can be invasive.
Abelia biflora
Pale pink flowers in summer.
Abelia chinensis
Deciduous shrub.
Lightly scented white flowers in summer and autumn.
Abelia x grandiflora
Attractive glossy leaves.
Pale pink, perfumed flowers in summer.
Azara serrata
Evergreen, glossy foliage and fragrant yellow flowers.
Buddleja chinensis
‘Bewitching’ perfume, small flowers.
Buddleja crispa
Soft grey-green foliage.
Lilac-pink flowers in summer.
Buddleja officinalis
Pale pink fragrant flowers in early spring.
Calycanthus floridus
Dark green aromatic leaves, fragrant brown/red flowers.
Cestrum nocturnum
Night-time fragrance which attracts pollinating moths.
Good house plant.
Cestrum parqui
Yellow-green flowers, fragrant in the early evening.
Choisya ternata
Evergreen rounded shrub, fragrant white blooms.
Coronilla valentina
Pea-like yellow flowers, very perfumed.
Daphne odora
Evergreen. Pink/white fragrant flowers in winter.
Elaeagnus x ebbingei
Small very fragrant flowers in autumn.
Good hedging plant.
Jasminum floridum
Semi-evergreen shrub with deep yellow flowers.
Jasminum grandiflorum
Scrambling deciduous shrub.
Large white flowers with a rich, sweet fragrance.
Lonicera fragrantissima
Winter-flowering shrub with fragrant creamy-white flowers.
Mahonia japonica
Evergreen. Sprays of fragrant yellow flowers in winter.
Osmanthus fragrans
Small creamy-white, strongly-fragrant flowers in summer and autumn.
Can be used as a flavouring for tea, sweets and wine.
Osmanthus heterophyllus
Evergreen shrub with holly-shaped leaves.
Small, white, very fragrant flowers
Osmanthus x burkwoodii
Glossy, finely-toothed leaves.
Highly scented, jasmine-like white flowers.
Philadelphus coronarius
Creamy white flowers in late spring, very fragrant.
Photo: Philadelphus coronarius ‘Belle Etoile‘
Pittosporum heterophyllum
Pale yellow, strongly scented flowers followed by dark red fruits.
Pittosporum tenuifolium
Honey-scented, deep purple flowers in late spring.
Photo: Pittosporum tenuifolium ‘Atropurpureum‘
Pittosporum tobira
Evergreen, drought tolerant.
Creamy yellow flowers with orange blossom scent.
Sarcococca confusa
Evergreen shrub to 2m high.
Small, white very fragrant flowers in winter.
Sarcococca hookeriana var. humilis
Compact evergreen shrub.
Creamy-white, very fragrant flowers in winter.
Spartium junceum
Pea-like, scented yellow flowers.
Viburnum carlesii
Red buds open to highly fragrant, pale pink flowers.
Viburnum x bodnantense
Purple shoots open to fragrant pink-white flowers.