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Seeds for many of these plants are available from the MGF Seed Collection / Beaucoup de graines de ces plantes sont disponibles dans la Collection de graines de MGF
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Rosa ‘Adelaide d‘Orleans‘
Pink buds open to creamy-white semi-double flowers.
1826. Almost evergreen.
Rosa ‘Aimee Vibert‘
Double white flowers with musky fragrance.
Noisette 1828. Can be used as a hedge.
Rosa ‘Alister Stella Gray‘
Creamy-yellow flowers. Very fragrant.
Noisette 1894. Repeat flowering. Drought tolerant.
Rosa ‘Bantry Bay‘
Modern repeat flowering, double pink, fragrant.
Drought tolerant.
Rosa ‘Betty Sherriff‘
Small single white blooms. Scented. Showy fruits.
Drought tolerant.
Rosa ‘Blush Noisette‘
Spice-scented, lilac-pink double flowers.
Noisette 1814.
Rosa ‘Bobby James‘
Creamy-white semi-double flowers. Musk scented.
1961. Flowers followed by large quantities of orange-red hips.
Rosa ‘Cardinal de Richelieu‘
Double burgundy flowers with purple fruits.
Grows in shade and under pine trees. Drought tolerant.
Rosa ‘City of York‘
Semi-double white/cream fragrant flowers.
1945. Dark green glossy foliage. Drought tolerant.
Rosa ‘Desprez a Fleur Jaune‘
Warm yellow/apricot flowers, richly scented.
Noisette 1830. Happy in poor dry soils. Repeat flowering.
Rosa ‘Etoile de Hollande‘
Vigorous, deep crimson, repeat flowering.
Very fragrant. Drought tolerant.
Rosa ‘Félicité et Perpétue‘
Fragrant white pompon flowers.
1827. Vigorous. Happy in partial shade. Drought tolerant.
Rosa ‘Kathleen Harrop‘
Pale pink double flowers. Fragrance of old rose.
1919. Repeat flowering.
Rosa ‘Lady Hillingdon‘
Apricot-yellow flowers with tea rose fragrance.
Repeat flowering. Coppery red young foliage.
Rosa ‘Mermaid‘
Large, single yellow flowers.
1918. Repeat flowering. Glossy foliage, almost evergreen.
Rosa ‘Mme Alfred Carrière‘
Creamy white flowers tinged with pink. Tea rose fragrance.
Noisette. 1879. Repeat flowering. Drought tolerant.
Rosa ‘Mme Isaac Pereire‘
Crimson flowers, richly scented.
Bourbon. 1881. Repeat flowering.
Rosa ‘New Dawn‘
Blush pink flowers with fruity fragrance.
1930. Vigorous.Long flowering season. Drought tolerant.
Rosa ‘Paul‘s Himalayan Musk‘
Blush pink double flowers in sprays. Musk scented.
1916. Vigorous.
Rosa ‘Paul‘s Scarlet‘
Rich red semi-double flowers.
1915. Repeat flowering.
Rosa ‘Pierre de Ronsard‘
Beautifully-formed pale pink flowers.
1985. Syn. R.’Eden’. Repeat flowering.
Rosa ‘Rambling Rector‘
Creamy-white flowers with clove fragrance.
c.1912. Vigorous.
Rosa ‘Soulieana‘
Single white flowers with fruity fragrance.
1895. Grey green leaves and abundant hips.
Rosa ‘The Pilgrim‘
Soft yellow, strong fragrance.
1991. Ideal for shade. Drought tolerant.
Rosa ‘Trier‘
Small creamy flowers tinged with pink or yellow. Musk scented.
1904. Repeat flowering.
Rosa banksiae ‘Alba Plena‘
Small, white flowers in dense clusters. Fragrant.
Rosa banksiae ‘Lutea‘
Double yellow flowers.
Vigorous, sprawling habit. Thornless. Drought tolerant.
Rosa banksiae ‘Purezza‘
Similar in appearance to ‘Alba Plena’
Modern hybrid. Repeat flowering.
Rosa banksiae var. normalis
Single white flowers. Strongly scented.
Rosa brunonii ‘La Mortola‘
Large white single flowers in clusters. Fragrant.
Vigorous climber. Drought tolerant.
Rosa laevigata
White flowers.
Cultivar R.’Cooperi’ has large flowers.
Rosa moschata
Creamy-white single flowers. Musk scented.
Late flowering. Drought tolerant.
Rosa sempervirens
White flowers, in clusters. Fragrant.
Rosa ‘Buff Beauty‘
Soft apricot flowers with tea fragrance.
1939. Repeat flowering. Drought tolerant.
Rosa ‘Charles Rennie Mackintosh‘
Soft lilac-pink blooms, large flowers.
Fragrant. Drought tolerant.
Rosa ‘Cornelia‘
Pink/peach/cream rosette shaped flowers. Very fragrant.
1925. Repeat flowering. Drought tolerant.
Rosa ‘Fantin Latour‘
Light pink double flowers with a delicate fragrance.
Before 1900. Named after the French artist.
Rosa ‘Fru Dagmar Hastrup‘
Light pink single flowers.
Rugosa. 1914. Repeat flowering. Large deep red hips.
Rosa ‘Gruss an Aachen‘
Repeat flowering, double polyantha, light-pink.
1929. Drought tolerant.
Rosa ‘Guirlande d‘Amour‘
White, semi-double fragrant flowers in clusters.
1993. Long flowering period.
Rosa ‘Iceberg‘
Large clusters of pure white flowers.
1958. Long flowering period. Very reliable.
Rosa ‘Jens Munk‘
Deep pink semi-double flowers.
Rugosa. 1964. Repeat flowering. Abundant deep orange hips.
Rosa ‘Little White Pet‘
Superb large clusters of white pom-poms.
1879. Drought tolerant.
Rosa ‘Maréchal Davoust‘
Large deep pink flowers.
Rosa ‘Marie Pavié‘
Small blush white double flowers.
1888. Compact form.
Rosa ‘Martin Frobisher‘
Pale pink double flowers. Powerful old rose fragrance.
1961. Grey/green foliage.
Rosa ‘Molineux‘
Large yellow double flowers. Tea rose fragrance.
Modern. Long flowering period.
Rosa ‘Moonlight‘
Hybrid musk, white- cream.
1913. Drought tolerant.
Rosa ‘Nuits de Young‘
Dark maroon-purple flowers, strongly scented.
Moss rose. 1845.
Rosa ‘Old Blush China‘
Double pink china rose, fragrant.
1752. Drought tolerant.
Rosa ‘Penelope‘
Clusters of creamy-pink semi-double flowers, musk scented.
1924. Repeat flowering. Abundant coral pink hips. Drought tolerant.
Rosa ‘Président de Sèze‘
Lilac-pink double flowers which change colour as they age.
Gallica. 1828.
Rosa ‘Queen of Sweden‘
Soft pink double flowers.
1954. Can be used as a hedge.
Rosa ‘Roseraie de lHay‘
Large double purple-red flowers with strong fragrance.
Rugosa 1901. Glossy apple green foliage. Repeat flowering.
Rosa ‘Sally Holmes‘
Large, creamy white single flowers.
Modern. Repeat flowering. Attractive bright green foliage.
Rosa ‘Scepterd Isle‘
Soft pink double flowers with a strong myrrh fragrance.
Modern. Repeat flowering.
Rosa ‘Sophie‘s Rose‘
Light red double flowers. Tea scented.
Modern. Repeat flowering.
Rosa ‘Sourire d‘Orchidée‘
Clusters of pale pink semi-double fragrant flowers
Modern. Repeat flowering.
Rosa ‘The McCartney Rose‘
Deep pink, highly scented flowers.
Modern. Repeat flowering. Excellent for cutting.
Rosa ‘Tuscany Superb‘
Deep red single flowers.
Gallica. 1837.
Rosa ‘Zephirine Drouhin‘
Thornless, bourbon rose, large,deep pink flowers.
Fragrant. Drought tolerant.
Rosa chinensis ‘Sanguinea‘
Deep red single flowers.
Drought tolerant but needs some protection from extreme cold.
Rosa chinensis f. mutabilis
Apricot/pink/crimson flowers which change colour as they age.
Long flowering period. Drought tolerant.
Rosa damascena
Strongly scented pink flowers.
Can be used as a hedge.
Rosa indica major
Pale pink double flowers. Scented.
Vigorous. Can be used as a hedge. Abundant hips.
Rosa rugosa
Deep pink flowers with old rose fragrance.
Repeat flowering. Attractive foliage. Large round hips.
Rosa x odorata
Pale pink double flowers with strong fragrance.
1809. Happy in poor, dry soils.