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Plants for Dry Places in full or partial shade

Seeds for many of these plants are available from the MGF Seed Collection / Beaucoup de graines de ces plantes sont disponibles dans la Collection de graines de MGF
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Akebia quinata
Semi-evergreen. Dark red flowers April – May.
Clematis armandii
Evergreen. White flowers in spring.
Evergreen. Many named varieties.
Photo: Hedera helix ‘Oro di Bogliasco‘
Holboellia coriacea
Evergreen. Purple fruit in autumn.
Parthenocissus quinquefolia
Deciduous. Red foliage in autumn.
Solanum amygdalifolium
An unusual plant recommended by Olivier Ezevin.
Trachelospermum jasminoides
Evergreen. Highly scented white flowers in summer.
Cyrtomium falcatum
Glossy leaves. Low-growing.
Dryopteris filix-mas
Deciduous. Can reach 1 metre in height.
Dryopteris sieboldii
Semi-evergreen. Arching, upright habit.
Polypodium cambricum
Semi-evergreen. Low-growing.
Polypodium vulgare
Evergreen. Spreads easily. Height 30 cm.
Polystichum setiferum
Evergreen. Soft-textured fronds.
Anemone blanda
Creates a blue carpet in early spring.
Cyclamen cilicium
Mauve flowers in autumn.
Cyclamen coum
Dark pink flowers in winter.
Cyclamen hederifolium
Pink or white flowers in winter.
Photo: Cyclamen hederifolium var. crassifolium
Iris confusa
Evergreen. Pale blue or white flowers in spring.
Iris japonica
Evergreen. Pale blue or white flowers in spring.
Leucojum aestivum
Deciduous. White flowers in spring.
Sternbergia lutea
Yellow flowers in autumn.
Thalictrum tuberosum
Creamy-white flowers in spring.
Photo: Thalictrum tuberosum ‘Rosy Hardy‘
Acanthus mollis
Evergreen in winter. Flowers May- June.
Acanthus spinosus
Evergreen in winter. Flowers May- June.
Agapanthus praecox
Evergreen. Blue flowers June- July.
Anemone sylvestris
The ‘snowdrop’ anemone. Flowers in spring.
Anemone x hybrida
Many named varieties. Flowers late summer.
Aspidistra eliator ‘Variegata‘
Hardy to -5°C
Aster divaricatus
Deciduous. White flowers June -October.
Catanache caerulea
Abundant blue flowers in summer.
Ceratostigma plumbaginoides
Good ground cover. Red foliage in autumn.
Ceratostigma willmottianum
Sub shrub. Red foliage in autumn.
Dianella caerulea
Evergreen. Blue flowers in sprng.
Dicliptera suberecta
Summer flowers. Foliage dies back in winter.
Euphorbia characias
Evergreen. Lime green flowers in spring.
Geranium macrorrhizum
Semi-evergreen. Pink flowers in spring.
Photo: Geranium macrorrhizum ‘Sandwijck‘
Geranium nodosum
Deciduous. Pink flowers from spring to autumn.
Geranium sanguineum
Deciduous. Also ‘Alba’ cultivar.
Helleborus foetidus
Evergreen. Flowers early spring.
Helleborus lividus subsp. corsicus
syn. H. argutifolius
Evergreen. Flowers early spring.
Iris foetidissima
Late spring flowers are followed by pods of bright orange seeds.
Liriope muscari
Evergreen. Mauve flowers in autumn.
Lobelia laxiflora
Orange-red flowers in summer. Hardy to -8?C.
Melissa officinalis
Evergreen. White flowers June – October.
Nepeta x faassenii
Flowers May- June. Many named varieties.
Photo: Nepeta x faassenii ‘Six Hills Giant‘
Ophiopogon japonicus
Evergreen. Good ground cover.
Phyla nodiflora
Semi-evergreen. Good ground cover.
Symphytum officinale
Comfrey/ consoude
Teucrium chamaedrys
Evergreen. Purple flowers June – September.
Teucrium flavum
Evergreen. Yellow flowers May – June.
Teucrium x lucidrys
Evergreen. Good for a low hedge.
Vinca major
Evergreen. Blue flowers March – April.
Photo: Vinca major ‘Variegata‘
Vinca minor
Evergreen. Blue flowers March – April.
Viola odorata
Evergreen. Violet or white flowers in spring.
Abelia x grandiflora
Semi-evergreen. White or pink flowers June – September
Abutilon megapotamicum
Semi evergreen. Hardy to – 6°C.
Arbutus unedo
Evergreen. White flowers and strawberry-like fruits.
Bupleurum fruticosum
Evergreen. Lime green flowers June-August.
Buxus sempervirens
Photo: Buxus sempervirens ‘Elegantissima‘
Choisya ternata
Evergreen. White flowers in spring.
Danae racemosa
Glossy evergreen foliage
Myrsine africana
Evergreen. Tiny purple berries.
Myrtus communis
Evergreen. White flowers followed by purple fruit.
Nandina domestica
Foliage colour changes throughout the year.
Philadelphus coronarius
Deciduous. White flowers in summer.
Photo: Philadelphus coronarius ‘Belle Etoile‘
Phillyrea angustifolia
Evergreen. Tiny white flowers in spring.
Pistacia lentiscus
Pittosporum heterophyllum
Evergreen. Yellow flowers May – June.
Pittosporum tenuifolium
Evergreen. Many cultivars.
Photo: Pittosporum tenuifolium ‘Atropurpureum‘
Pittosporum tobira
Evergreen. Scented cream -coloured flowers in April – May.
Raphiolepis x delacourii
Evergreen. White or pink flowers in spring.
Photo: Raphiolepis x delacourii ‘Springtime‘
Rhamnus alaternus
Evergreen. Yellow flowers in spring.
Ruscus aculeatus
Evergreen with glossy red berries.
Ruscus hypoglossum
Evergreen. Pale yellow flowers in spring.
Sarcococca confusa
Evergreen to 1.5 metres tall. Scented flowers.
Sarcococca hookeriana
Evergreen to 60 cm. tall. Scented flowers.
Viburnum tinus
Evergreen. White flowers in winter, followed by dark blue berries.